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Re: Georgia toddler mauled to death by family's pack of dogs

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A neighbor on one side of my house has dogs that are locked in a pen 24/7, rain or shine. They feed the dogs by dumping the dogfood over the top of the kennel onto the ground. I've never seen them go into the kennel to clean it. Cops said they can't do anything since they are sheltered and being fed and water
Can't the Humane Society do anything? You should call them.
I can't right now since I'm deployed. I did call Animal Control before I deployed and they said the same thing as the cops. I guess in North Carolina its not much different than Mass. like another poster said.

What's sick is both these families are military, one retired (the one that keeps the dogs caged) and the other active duty. You'd think soldiers would have a little more compassion because we see so much suffering both human and animal, but I guess there are scumbags in all professions and walks of life.
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