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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Concerning Flight

Janeway is in her Da Vinci program, arguing with Leonardo about why he never finishes anything, when Chakotay communicates that they are under attack. The aliens are firing at voyager, but simultaneously beaming technology off the ship. They take the main computer core, weapons, torpedo casing, rations (WHY?), and the doctor’s emitter. Naturally, the crew gets ready for a rescue/salvage operation.

Janeway and Tuvok head on a salvage operation, and find the alien who is selling their work. However, once they get there, they also find Da Vinci, who was also beamed off the ship since his program was running, and he is using the mobile emitter. He is acting as a living character who is now working for his patron prince. He has been designing his works, and the prince has given him a workshop filled with high end technology. Da Vinci believes that he is in America and that the Portuguese had brought him over on one of their advanced ships.

Janeway communicates to the ship that she has located the stolen goods, but the city is surrounded by a dampening field. As she finished her communications, she is caught by the alien who is selling the goods (Leonardo’s “Prince”), but as he is about to shoot her, Da Vinci knocks him out and they flee from the guards.

As they flee, Da Vinci uses basic concepts to “brilliantly” give them advantages. Sun and shadows! The two of them go to the warehouse, and use signal amplifiers to have Voyager beam the computer out. As they flee out of the dispersal field, they get on his flying apparatus and glide off the cliff, out of the field and Voyager beams them up as the aliens passively watch them flying away.

Favorite part- Da Vinci raving about the Portuguese. It was also an interesting way to look at a technologically advanced unit from a non-technologically advanced point-of-view (Da Vinci). Da Vinici was enthralled by the advanced objects, but in the end, his simple craft brought them to safety.

Least favorite part- The whole episode seemed very contrived. I’m sure the writers just looked for a way to have Da Vinci be a full character in an episode and loosely wrote a weak plot around it.
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