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Re: Olympus Has Fallen trailer (Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley J

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Still implausible, but it's at least possibly addressed somewhat.
The South Koream PM's

As far as the jingoism, how were you not aware that that would be an aspect of the film before seeing it? The slowly falling American flag and Morgan Freeman pep talk in the trailer and commercials didn't make that obvious? Or just the plot of the film itself, which would of course feature some patriotic things.
Love of one's countrymen is admirable. But I thought Olympus Has Fallen lapsed into the ersatz which demands hating and fearing other peoples. The main villain's murky motivations included joy in cruelty, envy of America's good fortune and similar jingo nonsense. Also, the absurd motivations of the secondary villain are posssibly even more symptomatic. As are the inhuman minions, who, unlike the Good People don't get upset when their comrades die. Whether this is objectionable is a matter of taste.
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