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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Isn't he still married to Polaris and Wanda is his sisterinlaw who should be keeping tabs on these things?
Have Wanda and Lorna ever really bonded as sisters?
Those two?


But she did play the sisterinlaw card with Crystal during all that War of Kings stuff a few years back which is when I was stumbling because I wasn't aware when they ret-ret-coned that she was Magneto's daughter again.

Of course now that Crystal is married to Ronan?

All the Inhuman Kings were equally married to Sue Storm a couple years ago, which would suggest that they're into polygamy, and if they weren't into polygamy before that moment, Blackbolt is an absolute Monarch and law skips along behind his whimsy.

When a woman has more than one husband it's called polyandry.
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