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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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As I have repeated before, it is hard to read CBS' relative lack of investment in Enterprise as indicative of what the studio would do for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or Star Trek: Voyager.

1. Enterprise was mastered in HD. The other spin-offs were mastered in SD. There is no way for CBS to put out the same half-assed product.

2. Enterprise was the least popular live action Trek series. As such, it is hard to guess what CBS will do with the other series based on this one.
Actually they've screwed up twice on the TNG BDs already. First the audio errors in S1 and the shoddy effects job that was done in S2, some fans are still refusing to get S2 for that reason. Maybe they'll finally get things right with season 3, three times the charm?
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