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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

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Federation is a fun read, and it's surprising that it was put out so close to Star Trek: First Contact (the hardcover came out in 94, then the paperback followed in 95, then the movie hit in 96), but it doesn't really fit any where any more.
How is it surprising? The writers of "First Contact" would have been almost oblivious to the existence of "Federation". Who knows, maybe mention of Cochrane around the traps got the movie team thinking?
I remember the Reeves-Stevens mentioning in the interview for their Signature Edition book that they had, back around 1985/86, before TNG was announced, proposed a story that would've had Kirk and crew travelling a hundred years into the future, but the proposal wasn't approved because of TNG. But then, about a decade later a book by the same team gets published that does something similar, but is not rejected by Paramount, even though a new movie based on a similar idea is about to hit in the same amount of time.
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