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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

You're certainly ALLOWED to post wherever you want (even if you keep telling us we suck and you're never ever coming back). His point was that when you alternate between telling us we suck and how awesome you are, and get pissy whenever anyone tries to engage you, what's the point? Just get a blog. Don't need you coming here just to piss all over us. And when you finish that, don't pretend it's all cool and we're just gonna chat it up with you. No one said you couldn't post here, just questioning why you WOULD

I didn't tell you how awesome you are, may as well add me to the ignore list as well, since that's all it takes. All it took for the last guy was just repeating YOUR post that we suck, you're out of here, never to return. Until you returned again, at least. And told us how awesome you are. And that we suck. Again...
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