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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

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^^ I have Windows 8 which is tolerable if you get a start menu replacement. There's some free ones but I use Start8 from Stardock which for $5 makes my experience much more pleasant. Basically I never see the tiles and just stick to the desktop underneath.

I switched to Windows 95 on day one just because I always wanted long filenames lol.
I just bought Windows 8 for my PC, and I was weary of that Metro interface. Thank you for the heads up on the Start8 utility, for $5 it sounds like a winner and I will try it out.
I think it depends on what kind of user you are. If you use MS's recommended directories and run simple tasks the Metro interface can be really nice. My mom bought a touch screen laptop and it's OK for what she does.

I'm more of a power user, constantly running multiple tasks and switching between them and use a mouse and for that I found the familiar start menu/desktop to be much more useful.
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