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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

History channel. I'm watching the history channel. Not a joke, and it's a documentary about Judas' involvement in the capture of Christ. It seems that before Peter simplified and abridged the 30 something odd books on Jesus circulating around the 1st century AD, and pared it down to something similar to the bible we know now, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, but there used to be a "Book of Judas" however it was decided the blokes in the funny hats that the concepts in the book of Judas were too complicated for the common pleb to grasp that Jesus could see the future (Garden of Gethsemane, he knew the nails was coming. One in each wrist and then a third through the ankles. It's a fact.) but he still needed a trigger man to force the Romans into martyring him so that he could apotheosize and the rubes would fall in line from his perceived, and not entirely staged, sacrifice pageant.

(First ever episode of Punk'd?)


Hey look!

It's real!

Back to Star Trek.

Sisko isn't "letting" anything happen (Okay? Maybe a little.), or forcing anything to happen(possibly a smudge.), or stacking the deck and preserving continuity at great sacrifice to the lives and well being of... Everything is happening simultaneously tot he Prophets. The Occupation and the renaissance of Bajor is the same moment from their perception, the Bajoran's are suffering and free all at the same time entangled and they can't tell the difference.... Free will Sisko did every thing he wanted to which created the reality he had already existed in.

But did you notice how apt with linear time the Paugh Wraith was that possessed Kieko O'Brien? That gal must have been the poster child for normal as far as wormhole aliens go.
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