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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

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I don't think Windows 95 made it any easier. It did not even install with Internet support, let alone a browser. OS/2 Warp, released an year earlier, had both. Star Trek fans ought to know about this as not only were the series a great inspiration inside the team behind it, Kate Mulgrew was there when the release was announced.

Sadly, OS/2 was not pirated here back then, so I only heard about it on TV and felt jealous of its users.

The only thing Windows 95 ever did was sabotage OS/2 and turn around Microsoft's agreement with IBM by backstabbing them and obliterating an otherwise better operating system.

Even Slackware 2.1 offered you more at the time as far as Internet is concerned. Microsoft did not have a clue that the Internet was a thing.
Actually, while it didn't initially ship with a browser, Windows 95 did incorporate Internet Explorer on a subsequent release. On it's initial release, you could still buy the Win95 Plus! pack, which came with IE as well.

I remember having both, but using the MSN Network when I first got online...made sense at the time. I hated it and switched not long after.
Yeah, when I first got onto the Internet, it was with IE 3.0, and I used IE exclusively until 5.0, where I started using Netscape. Soon thereafter, however, I returned to IE with 6.0, and stuck with that until Firefox 0.8. I've been with FF ever since, though I play back and forth between FF and Chrome.

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