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Re: Olympus Has Fallen trailer (Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley J

The confused backstory is irrelevant. The villain's real motivation is that he likes to sneer.

Early in the movie there is a car teetering on the edge of a bridge. I noticed while watching Breakdown (1997) that the car/truck teetering on the edge of the bridge was getting very hard to take seriously.

It seems to me that one key part of the plot depended upon Aaron Eckhart's character deliberately ordering the violation of security protocols during the attack. Since this could not possibly have been predicted, the plan demanded that the terrorists disguised as security guards were to penetrate the Presidential bunker. The rest of the plot (about Cerberus) depends upon the assumption that the bunker is effectively impenetrable.

The movie is very stupid, and the jingoism is positively distasteful.
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