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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

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^^ I have Windows 8 which is tolerable if you get a start menu replacement. There's some free ones but I use Start8 from Stardock which for $5 makes my experience much more pleasant. Basically I never see the tiles and just stick to the desktop underneath.

I switched to Windows 95 on day one just because I always wanted long filenames lol.
I just bought Windows 8 for my PC, and I was weary of that Metro interface. Thank you for the heads up on the Start8 utility, for $5 it sounds like a winner and I will try it out.

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I think 95 was a big year because Win 95 made it so much easier to get on the net than before. I remember wrestling with Trumpet Winsock under Win 3.1 with a 2400 baud modem and somehow got it to work.
I don't think Windows 95 made it any easier. It did not even install with Internet support, let alone a browser. OS/2 Warp, released an year earlier, had both. Star Trek fans ought to know about this as not only were the series a great inspiration inside the team behind it, Kate Mulgrew was there when the release was announced.

Sadly, OS/2 was not pirated here back then, so I only heard about it on TV and felt jealous of its users.

The only thing Windows 95 ever did was sabotage OS/2 and turn around Microsoft's agreement with IBM by backstabbing them and obliterating an otherwise better operating system.

Even Slackware 2.1 offered you more at the time as far as Internet is concerned. Microsoft did not have a clue that the Internet was a thing.
Unfortunately OS/2 simply suffered the fate of being too powerful an OS for the hardware it was trying to run in.

I remember running OS/2 2.1 on my 486 SLC33 with 4 megs of Ram, and man that was an experience.

I upgraded that same computer (meaning new motherboard, CPU, Video Card and RAM) to a 486DX4-100, and got rid of the Trident junk Video and replaced with an ATI 3D Rage II and 8 megs of RAM (this was all over $1000 at the time, yikes! ) and I ran OS/2 Warp 3 on it, and it was soooo much better. Sadly it never took off (Windows just was stripped enough to run faster on slower hardware) so very few companies ended up supporting it, and I think it pretty much died after version 4?

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What is this Windows of which you all speak?

I do have a nostalgia though for OS9 (such a pretty GUI) and my old Powerbook with its crappy 56k modem.
I have 2 PC's and 2 Macs, One PC is an older Thinkpad T60 running Windows 7, and the other is my main super duper gaming PC on which I just installed Windows 8.

Then I have an older MacBook Pro 2009 and my main laptop, a 2011 MacBook Air with an OWC SSD drive

I frankly see no difference now in the way either OS works, but I find I need the PC for serious video editing or games.
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