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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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Any Trek actors pop up on Lucy's shows?
A few names I quickly recognized on a skim, probably a few guests and bit players/extras I'm missing:

Joan Swift (Kirk's sister-in-law, "Operation: Annihilate!")
Keith Andes (Akuta, "The Apple")
Jack Perkins (Master of Games, "Bread and Circuses")
Ben Gage (Teer Akaar, "Friday's Child")
William Schallert ("Trouble with Tribbles", DS9)
Rhodes Reason (Flavius, "Bread and Circuses")
Alan Oppenheimer (DS9, VOY)
Vince Howard (the bait for Uhura in "The Man Trap")
Morgan Jones ("Assignment: Earth")
Janos Prohaska (The Horta, other appearances)
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