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Re: Star Trek Enterprise: The most "likable" cast?

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Well let's compare all five franchises in likability. Keep in mind this just my opinion and reflects personality over competence. ...
All opinions being equal, yours is an interesting list. My only real point-of-discussion would be regarding Mr. Spock as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy. I wouldn't be able to find anyone to trump his Mr. Spock in any catagory in which he found himself in.

One of the greatest of achiements in all of "Star Trek" history, as I see it, is Leonard Nimoy's unrivaled, top-notch work as Mr. Spock. If there was an MVP award to be given to the cast member who most went above-and-beyond the call of duty it would go to Nimoy.

From all the sources I've read and stories I've heard, Leonard Nimoy always questioned things from the standpoint of a dramatist. Things always viewed through the critical eye of motivation and dramatic integrity (as opposed to being solely concerned with line count). Leonard worked strove for quality and that translated to his magnificently skilled performance as Mr. Spock.

No other actor in all of Trekdom gave such a master-class study in bringing a depth of character and level of excellence to the art of pure acting. He came up with the nerve-pinch and Vulcan salute. His arching of the eye brow alone could speak volumes and communicate a wide variety of things depending on context.

As Spock he had to chart his own course in satisfying more distinct and various roles than any other (then or since). He had to internalize and balance the human and alien while performing the function of second-in-command, chief science officer, confident, friend. His TOS incarnation had to deal with more complexities and subtleties.

Leonard Nimoy was also old-school in terms of believing in the reality of his character and the world in which he lived. Modern era actors seem largely too self-conscious to go that far.

... but I gush.
As I said, my list reflected likeability based on the character's personality in my humble opinion. Spock was probably one of the most competent Trek characters, and Nimoy one of the franchise's finest actors. But let's face it... just look at Spock in Trek IV. As amusing as his fish out of waterness was, he was terrible at interacting with people, though nerve pinching the gangbanger was completely logical!

If I did this based on competence and ability, the order of all the categories would be drastically different.
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