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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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Snog Box
Immortal for that line alone!

I liked it a lot, and Jenna is just gorgeous as well... the bit with the bad boss-lady reverting to her childhood self after the factory restore was pretty chilling.

Clara's gaining of the computer knowledge seems a clear foreshadowing of her genius status and supernal hacking abilities in "Asylum", making one think that this episode takes place before that one in her chronology... but then she would have recognized the Doctor. I'll wait and see how they tie that together. One thing I've learned is to not to obsess about the plot details fitting together this early in the series... it'll get context eventually.

Perhaps we have a Michael Moorcock kind of scenario here... Clara is the "Eternal Companion"!! There are different versions of her in different time periods but they share experiences and knowledge.
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