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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Uncanny Avengers got me this week.

Classic love triangles.

New love triangles.

Cap touched Wanda's face like she he was going to kiss her and the the scene cut away.

Before House of M, they were friends with benefits.

Alex is following Janet's ridiculous advice like a puppy.

Isn't he still married to Polaris and Wanda is his sisterinlaw who should be keeping tabs on these things?

Even if Lorna's not on the team, they should be be sharing a bed, in either of their houses, in the city a couple times a week. Not for sex, it just feels wrong to curl up with a pillow when there's a flesh and blood person a 20 minute cab ride away who can be a much better substitute and heated at that.

Sunfire is the first soldier on the team that makes sense.

Too many generals.

I loves me a really good Kang story.
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