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Re: G.I. Joe: Retaliation - Grading & Discussion

I saw it earlier today. I liked it. I thought it was better than the first film. I liked the tone of Retaliation more than the first film. I thought the cast was good for the most part, though RZA was overdoing it a bit as Blind Master and I thought the guy playing Flint was a little too bland. Perhaps they should've made him a bit more rebellious or impulsive and made him Falcon instead. There was like zero chemistry between him and Lady Jaye, which sucks since I grew up watching the old cartoon. I thought Lady Jaye was well played, though the film played up her sexiness a bit too much. I was hoping they would also at least give her a staff or have her do some staff fighting.

There was a lot of jumping around (figuratively and literally) with this story, but that didn't bother me so much. I also thought it was odd that Lady Jaye would find some pretty nifty computers in a boarded up gym. I also thought it was odd that the JOES could just so easily move around and seemed not to worry too much about their basic needs once Roadblock's friend loaned him his truck. The stereotypical hood scene with Roadblock didn't bother me as much as it probably should, and at least they didn't have Roadblock rhyming all of his lines like in the cartoon, with the exception of the possible homage Jay-Z prayer bit.

I didn't quite get Joe Colton's chauvinism towards Lady Jaye, though once at the end when it became apparent to me that he was a stand-in for her father, I got that, though I still think it was unnecessary.

Jonathan Pryce did a solid job as Zartan. I wasn't expecting him to be the highlight on the Cobra side. I liked Cobra Commander's new look. I liked Ray Stevenson as Firefly too, though his weird Southern/Australian (?) accent threw me off. I still wish they had made him Major Bludd instead. I did like the nano-fireflies which underlined his code name.

I thought Storm Shadow was pretty good in this film and I'm glad they showed that he's not all bad. Though the whole revelation about Zartan killing the Hard Master didn't work for me. Seems like Shadow would've figured that out earlier on and killed Zartan years ago. It felt like a slapdash explanation just so they could have Shadow switch sides.

I liked the new Snake Eyes suit and I thought Elodie Yung made for a very gorgeous Jinx. I liked most of the ninja action though the mountain scene went on a little too long for me.

It would've been great to see or at least hear about some of the other JOES from the first film. I don't see why Scarlett couldn't have been used again in light of the non-relationship between Flint and Lady Jaye, though with Ripcord being Duke's best friend, I can see why they didn't bring him back. It would've interfered with the Roadblock and Duke's friendship in terms of giving Roadblock a personal stake in taking Cobra down. The Roadblock-Duke banter was not bad for the most part. I also liked seeing a little of Roadblock's family life, but the lack of mention of a spouse was curious. In the back of my mind I was wondering who was watching the girls while Roadblock was on the run.

I thought Walton Goggins was an odd choice for the warden, but I must admit that it was cool seeing him show up on the screen. That was totally unexpected. Though I could've easily seen him be Beachhead in a future film.
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