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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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The Clever Boy meme was kind of weird as well but I'll wait to see how that mystery unravels.

So do we learn anything about Clara at all, or how she can possibly be the same dead person in Victorian England and in the future on a Dalek gulag? Or is just like, "Oh hey, Clara, there you are, must just be some timey-whimey thing!"

I'm hoping for more than that, but not getting my hopes up too much.
Don't know about the connection between the three Claras, but the episode implies an origin for the 'Run you clever boy...' line. Clara says she picked up knowledge from having been through her experience in the episode, how much remains to be seen. We don't know who gave her the number to get a hold of the Doctor, except that it was a woman at a shop (computers, I guess) I wouldn't be surprised if it was River.
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