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Re: ST VI:TUC Out of character for McCoy?

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some handwave explaination of Kirk's sudden racism (like, say, Peter's ship is ambushed and he's killed leaving Kirk with no family at all) etc.
He had enough reason with his own son murdered at the hands of Klingons. Bigger loss than Peter biting the dust.

You see his reaction in TSFS, referring to them as "Klingon bastards," instead of "bastards," which implies (strongly) using their species name as a pejorative (the way a white racist would say "n***** bastard" instead of the latter, which would have been enough for one without racist intent).
Exactly. I think a better analogy is calling someone a "Jew Bastard" instead of just a "bastard," since 'Jew' by itself isn't a pejorative, but context can make it such. 'Klingon' by itself is the correct term to use for their species, just as 'Jew' is the correct term for someone whose religion is Judaism, but "Klingon Bastard" sounds just as racist as "Jew Bastard" does, imo.
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