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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

A few extra notes from # 19:

- Kid Scotty had Happy Face wallpaper in his bedroom and a couple of antiques - a (Bad?) Toy Robot and a Rubik's Cube. He and his family seemed to be middle class, living in the suburbs.

- Starships were being built on the ground prior to the Kelvin Incident, as seen in the Linlithgow Shipyards.

- Kid Scotty's a Ramones fan.

- The starship Scotty sneaks into looks an awful lot like the TMP Enterprise. More IDW being careless with their art, or a clue?

- The bridge is a different story, with two chairs/consoles flanking the Captain's chair ala TNG.

- Interstellar frieghter captains in the 23rd century keep tiny hula girls on their dashboard.

- Hard to tell whether Scotty's run-in with NCC-0509 happens before or after the 'flashback' sequence of Countdown Into Darkness. If the latter, why is Marcus still a commander and why is he on Earth on the Starfleet Academy commissions board?

- Just how many years was Scotty on that ice planet?!?
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