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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the plot. So a great intelligence needs brains uploaded to the cloud via wi-fi but first this connection must be established through a computer. The head matron looks to be sixty or so but reverts to a child at the end so she was recruited decades in advance of wi-fi? How did the wi-fi station end up upstairs? For that matter why did it end up upstairs?

Gotta retire the shit Doctor Who gags. The first "Doctor Who?" "No, just the Doctor." would've been subtle enough but oh no, bring out the clubs! The Clever Boy meme was kind of weird as well but I'll wait to see how that mystery unravels.

I thought the BBC wasn't supposed to do product placement? Apple, Facebook, Google, Twiiter, etc. this episode was rife with them.

How disappointing is it that the Doctor's wardrobe is under the console? Did the swimming pool take up too much room?

Sorry all my comments are on the negative side, the Doctor and Clara were charming, the motorcycle was fun, and there were some clever bits here, even the title, so it's not a complete loss but I wasn't crazy about the plot that they were wrapped in. Some nice visuals as well.
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