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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Fire Everything!

I've never tried a dps calculator, all I know is my forward cannons fire at over a thousand. Is that good? I think so. Am I wrong? I feel like I kick tones of ass when fighting.

BTW, I love my Trekk BBS fleet and am happy to wait for it to reach Tier 5. It's called solidarity.

Indeed if you're happy over there why move, I am stressed atm cause i am getting too much hustle from fleet issues, i.e deal with in-fleet problems, and as it is a large fleet it takes too much time to deal with and i have less time to actually play the game, so I was thinking of leaving after tier 5 eng is done get some elite gear and than play solo game, or join tier 5 fleet and get my hands on elite gear and see how i can play low profile game from now, one that doesn't require of me to do spend loads of time dealing with fleet issues.

My 3rd toon is in tier 1 fleet and I like it there, no one hustles me and i can play my game without doing fleet actions, deal with fleet issues and deal with stuff i really didn't sign for when i installed star trek online.

Small fleets are good, but solo player is also good if you want to do small stuff like explore the galaxy do stfs and what not.

When i first started playing this game i was playing on my own for much of my time, doing loads of solo missions, loved it, but I find fleets being too much of a stress, so it was naturally my thought what should I do....
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