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Re: Brannon Braga on the Borg in Voyager + his thoughts on the show

It couldn't be this simple?

Yeast is alive.

It's a fungi or a mould depending from which angle you're looking at it.

Fungi are not vegetable-matter, but if a political movement saw the use fungi to produce alcohol as slavery, things could get dicey. That locking yeast in bottles is no different from raising veal in darkened battery cages.

Do we know that people don't get "drunk" at all from Synthohol or is it just the production of the final product that doesn't require the exploitation of innocent Fungi?

Rene Picard said something about "control".

But if it doesn't get you drunk, you might as well be drinking fruit juice.

Problem is that fruit juice and fake booze costs the same and produced by the same supplier free of charge.


Jake while secreting his plot to acquire his father a baseball card misled the Emissary by claiming that he and Nog got Drunk.

Daddy seemed disappointed but not so that it was a capital offence or an amazing mission impossible undertaking?

"Drunk? Wow? How on earth did you swing that?"
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