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John Sheppard
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Re: How come the TNG cast is the closest of all show casts?

I've never yet watched TOS...ok that's a bit of a lie because I have seen an episode, but I've not seen anymore yet. So I can't really say anything about that. But I guess it just depends on people's personalities, obviously not everyone will like everyone else, but there will be people that are close to certain people more then others.

Gaith: Actually that's good reasoning, but like you said isn't the sole reason, but if you're constantly working somewhere where there's a negative atmosphere it's going to bring you down and you might not feel as happy working there, but if it's cheerful (obviously people are going to have days where they're not feeling so cheerful) then you'll feel more happier and maybe make an effort sort of thing to get to know the others. I dunno, is that a stupid response.
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