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Re: Olympus Has Fallen trailer (Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley J

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I get the feeling that people who did this movie and the second Die Hard are completely ignorant about DC and the surrounding vicinity. There are two major airbases in that vicinity - Andrews and Langley. This limits the possibility of an attacking plane to hitting the WH to nil in this post-911 world.
Passenger planes fly right close to downtown DC all the time; I'm sure they'll have some handwave line about how they fooled/hacked National Airport into thinking they were legit. Either that, or they remotely disabled all military aircraft... with hacking. It really wouldn't be more egregious than some of the stuff Skyfall threw at us, and that movie's been fairly well received.
In answer to both your comments about the USAF response and how it was handled...

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I think it is the best Die Hard in a xxxx movie since Under Siege, or maybe Die Hard itself. Although Erika jumping out of the cake trumps Angela Bassett as the Secret Service director and Susan Saradon as the Secretary of Defense. Shallow Star Wolf I will admit to.

I saw a review talking about all the head shots. Well you had North Korean special forces/terrorist and top Secret Service agents shooting at a body armored foe with handguns in many cases. So yeah I think they are trained to go for head shots first.
Melissa Leo was the SecDef, not Susan Sarandon.

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One thing that Die Hard still has going for it was it lacked the character skill inflation. Thus the anyman has to do the extraordinary. We moved from just a detective in John McClain to the Navy SEAL in Under Siege and to the Army Ranger/head of the Presidential protection unit agent in Olympus Has Fallen
But you can't really have an "everyman" be the head of the President's Secret Service detail, so what are you gonna do? A lot of the secret service guys are ex-special forces, so that makes sense.

Anyway, the movie was certainly action packed from start to finish, but it was only so-so for me otherwise. I'd give it a "B-." Not terrible, but not great.
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