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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Why is the notion "absurd"? There were several episodes where Voyager's hull was breached, which would need to be sealed somehow. Why should I expect all the hull breaches to be sealed so perfectly that there would be no evidence of their existence?
As [b]Anwar[/ib] said: Replicators. No one with a replicator would trouble to make a patch that didn't fit. If there aren't replicators, the linoleum from Neelix' kitchen or the paneling from Tom's quarters aren't going to serve as a patch. Nor are they going to run down to the scrap metal yard.

The absurdity, not just of patches from nowhere but of any juryrigging, lies in the necessity that an interstellar vessel has to keep functioning, or everyone dies. The notion that the vessel can limp along crucially depends mistaking a starship in vacuum for a steamship on the ocean.

The thread is about "what went wrong", and I offered my opinion on the matter.
Opinions aren't equal, nor do they have rights. Your opinion that foolishness about patches etc. is a particularly foolish one.

While I don't watch much tv, as I understand modern stories don't have Greek Gods popping in to pass judgments anymore. So, yes, "deus ex machina" has passed into slang as a description of an "out of the blue" ending. If the corruption of the meaning bothers you, by all means continue reading the ancient Greek plays that were probably modern in your youth, and ignore the inappropriate usage of it now.
First, watch Who Mourns for Adonais? if you can.

Second, the Prophets are Bajoran Gods, which makes their appearance a deus ex machina in dramatic terms. (Pagh-wraiths are Bajoran Evil Gods.) They must be categorized as dei ex machinae.

Third, you haven't attempted to answer the question: Why are the Prophets are suddenly willing to accept Sisko's efforts as earning a happy ending, when they never even showed much sign of understanding, much less interest? before? That came out of the blue, which even by the slang usage means deus ex machina.
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