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Re: HD Remasters of 'Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2'Coming to the

I'm honestly a little torn about the remaster trend. X does look a lot better, and having the international version as a base is really nice, but at the same time I'm frankly not sure I trust them to remake the older games. Though if they're JUST remasters without any of the modern stupidity retconned into them, I suppose I could get behind it. Their old games are sure as hell better than anything the FF series is doing currently.

I've been kind of happy that FF8 wasn't as popular as FF7 because I imagined that prevented it from being subjected to the same wave of awful, inane additions. I'm not really sure how HD'ifying a PS1 game would work short of redoing the graphics, but I also don't know anything about the process to begin with, so *shrug*

The love story in FF8 is...alright. I like for what it does, but it can be awkward if the player takes every attempt to be a dick to Rinoa and nice to Selphie. Squall is a great character though, and it's sad to see him entirely dismissed by so many. What holds it together for me is the cast. Like most games before it, it did a good job of making me care about most of the people involved, and the world was honestly pretty fascinating. Like I said before, I wish I got to see *more* of it. There's so much great lore...
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