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Re: What if the PTB had been paying attention?

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But there was a time where I worried if they'd try a similar trick with Enterprise - like add a hot 18-25 year old blonde - and wondered how strong my resolve would be. Back then it would have been enough, probably.
They already had T'Pol as the babe, would've been pointless to add another for the sake of ratings.

Melakon wrote: View Post
Blalock apparently had (sometimes) blonde hair under the wig. But she was about 26 when starting the series, which can almost be over-the-hill in Hollywood.
I've always hated the short Vulcan wig she usually wore. We finally saw Blalock with her real hair in the Mirror universe episodes. I couldn't believe how much better she looked. They should have let her keep the long hair from the start!
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