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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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China is getting its own version of the film.

Is this the first time a film will have one version for a specific country and the rest of the world gets another version?
I saw this comment from another forum...

They're not chopping up the Chinese version (at least not as far as we know, though it's possible some stuff with Ben Kingsley might be cut). They're adding some more footage of the Chinese actors to satisfy the Chinese Film Bureau--the film is nominally a Chinese co-production and part of that is beefing up the Chinese presence. But the extra footage in the Chinese version will probably be purely tokenistic and add nothing of any real value, just like the extra footage of Xu Qing in Looper. In other words everyone else is getting the "real" cut of the film and China is getting a pandering "see China, we like you!" version.
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