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Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG

Shadow Fleet is operating as strong as ever. Our amazing members are continuing the tradition of posting excellence with their exciting and engaging role playing.

The newly commissioned USS Gettysburg now on its second mission, is going strong with a very active crew. Their latest mission sees them delve into the mysteries of a nebula with unexpected results. Will the new Galaxy class survive its baptism of fire?

The USS Gibson, our small but mighty Nova class vessel is performing admirably. Its crew are some of the most friendly and welcoming members on the forum. They make everyone feel right at home.

The USS Discoverys current mission sees the senior command staff called away, the remaining crew must confront a task which may make or break them. Featuring a frightening encounter with one of the crews venomous pets, will the crew be able to overcome their challenges?

The USS Churchill, our illustrious Intrepid class vessel continues its excellent standard of posting. The ship’s commanding officer, Reece Thompson, has recently gained promotion to Captain through years of dedication and commitment. The crew are currently fighting to keep two old enemies of the Federation apart while simultaneously negotiating a peace with a mysterious new race called the Solen.

There are vacant positions aboard all our vessels. So, if you want a Star Trek role play with near constant activity and friendly creative members come give us a try, sign up now at

PO3 Jon Tulley
New Member Orientation officer
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