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Re: Sean Penn's son hurls racist, homophobic slurs

DalekJim wrote: View Post
They aren't all dumb people, but these Hollywood celebrities do seem to wear their political views as one would wear a fashion accessary.
We have to listen to you blather on about your dumb political views here, so why shouldn't he or any other celebrity be able to do the same?

See also the utterly vulgar display at the Oscars which saw Michelle Obama present the award for Best Film. What the hell has the president's love interest got to do with cinema? The agenda is there and it is painfully obvious.
The agenda of using an immensely popular First Lady to promote Hollywood movies? The horror! Why would a die hard capitalist be opposed to that, unless you're secretly a double agent, comrade?

Were you equally disgusted by Laura Bush's appearance in a video at the Oscars several years ago, or was that okay because her "love interest's" agenda aligns more with yours?

DalekJim wrote: View Post
He also claims to have been to a socialist country (None even exist in the world today!) where everything is fine.

I'm being called foolish by a guy that thinks France is a socialist country. Gotta love the internet.

Someone seriously needs to write a Basic Reading Comprehension for Dummies book. Hmm, it'd be better as an audio book come to think of it.
I'd lay off the reading comprehension and foolish comments if I were you, since you completely botched the entire premise of your argument about Brad Pitt's alleged socialist advocacy and interpreted his comment in the exact opposite way it was intended.

Also, here are a few quotes and comments from and about Brangelina on objectivism, so that should make you happy, since random out of context quotes mentioning economic and political philosophies are apparently very important to you:

Angelina Jolie: "I just think [Ayn Rand] has a very interesting philosophy...You reevaluate your own life and what's important to you."

Brad Pitt: The Fountainhead "is so dense and complex, it would have to be a six-hour movie."

I wouldn’t have minded if Angelina Jolie was cast as Dagny, since she professes to sympathize with Objectivism–in which case, Brad Pitt might have tagged along as well.

Both Pitt and Jolie are fans of Rand’s work.
Maybe you should get your buddy Notgonna Fukajawa or whatever his name is to tag in and handle the argument from now on, since you kind of suck at it.
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