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Re: Sean Penn's son hurls racist, homophobic slurs

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He also claims to have been to a socialist country (None even exist in the world today!) where everything is fine.
None exist in the world today? What does that even mean? The French president, François Hollande, is a member of the French Socialist Party, as is his Prime Minister.

You'd look less foolish if you just thought before you posted. That was, I think, point number 4.
I'm being called foolish by a guy that thinks France is a socialist country. Gotta love the internet.

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Once again, a person lashes out against socialism without having any idea what socialism even is.
Please find a quote where I have lashed out against socialism in this thread.

Someone seriously needs to write a Socialism for Dummies book.
Someone seriously needs to write a Basic Reading Comprehension for Dummies book. Hmm, it'd be better as an audio book come to think of it.
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