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Re: Sean Penn's son hurls racist, homophobic slurs

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Why wouldn'T there be famous people in a socialist society? There were famous actors, writers, directors and musicians in the socialist countries that existed. My mother was a famous actress in one of them and was still being recognised for years afterwards.
Rich is relative. Obviously, he wouldn't be that rich but it wasn't uncommon for those famous socialist artists to get some material privileges, to have a big house and other stuff.
It might surprise you but there were occasionally adverts in socialism. Obviously, they weren't paid as well as the one Brad Pitt's starring in, to put it mildly.

Then again, he might be talking about the American notion of socialism which encompasses such countries as France and Sweden.
Once again, a person lashes out against socialism without having any idea what socialism even is.

Someone seriously needs to write a Socialism for Dummies book.
They'd just burn it.
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