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Well, it looks like they're treating Robo Knight pretty similarly to the original Gosei Knight character, from the summary I read. Amusing that they've given him a RoboCop-soundalike voice. I wonder, if he's got such a zero-tolerance policy toward those who endanger the environment, will he go after humans next? (He did in Goseiger. We'll have to see if this version follows suit.)

I'm mildly impressed that they're going for a bit of moral ambiguity with the "Mutants," having them speechify about how we humans are to blame for their creation. It's a pretty heavy-handed message, but by this show's standards it's unexpectedly nuanced. Or maybe just confused. Are we supposed to sympathize with these guys when they lament the damage we've done to them and to the Earth, or hate them when they try to destroy us? Sure, that kind of ambivalence can be nice, but here it just feels like the writers weren't sure how they wanted to play it.

Meanwhile, I'm getting sick of Jake's stalkerish obsession with Gia. It's starting to get either pathetic or creepy, if not both.

And isn't it weird how the lead actor manages to convey emotion pretty well with his voice when he's in Ranger mode, but as soon as we see his face he's just an expressionless statue? I wonder if they're using a voice double in the Ranger scenes.
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