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Re: Official BBC Tweet (SPOILERS)

davejames wrote: View Post
Wow, cool news! My guess is 10 and Rose will be plucked out of Season 2 (only to have their memories wiped afterwards, of course) to join 11 and Clara.

Either that or we'll see some "missing adventure" they had back then that somehow ties in with something 11 and Clara are doing in the present.
Or they are the Doctor and Rose living on Pete's world, growing older at the correct speed.

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
^^Why would their memories need to be wiped? There's never been any indication that happens to any of the Doctors or companions in the multi-Doctor stories, except maybe the Second Doctor in The Two Doctors. In fact, it's exactly because the Fifth Doctor remembers that resolved the situation in Time Crash.
Sarah Jane doesn't appear to remember the events of The Five Doctors. The 5th Doctor doesn't remember Borusa is the villain, despite knowing it since his earlier selves saved him. The speculation is that they remember when its happening again, but perhaps each occasion is different. Like the writer!

Mitty wrote: View Post
I think the internet just exploded.
That may be yet to come.

One site has said there's even bigger classic news on the way, nothing to do with the anniversary story.
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