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Re: One Two Eight Ten

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I've never watched a show that tries to make the audience cry as often as New Who does. Off the top of my head, it tries to make the audience cry in 10 of the 13 Series 1 episodes*. I hesitate to even consider the Tennant era frequency.

* Edit: I forgot the Rose/Jackie "Where were you?" scene in Aliens of London so uh, there are CRY NOW moments in every S1 story apart from Rose and The Long Game.
I don't think Series 2 and 3 are as slimy as the first. Most of the dialogue's just those weird monologues about the size of the universe or something, lit weird. Not exactly bad except the lighting part but oddly crude and repetitive, if effective too. So it's good they made the next series very happy and the third kind of grim so there's less puking, except in Evolution, due to disorientating, to put it kindly, direction and writing.

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
it's a story where the Doctor genuinely makes things worse by his involvement.
No he didn't. The dad got better. The rest was a fun illustration of the show's view about kids as companions. Without making the Doctor seem too reckless as it was meant to be a place where nothing ever happens. I'm somewhat fond of that story but it's disproportionately long and the director sucks any wonder out of every scene.
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