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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Why is the notion "absurd"? There were several episodes where Voyager's hull was breached, which would need to be sealed somehow. Why should I expect all the hull breaches to be sealed so perfectly that there would be no evidence of their existence?
The way Starships are made in Trek, they use giant replicators to create the hulls and assemble them together while the more complex internal components are either constructed afterwards and installed, or are built first and then the hulls replicated around them.

So, for repairs they'd use the onboard replicators (we know there are bigger ones for construction) to create factory spec replacement parts for the hull, so naturally it'd look like it fits perfectly.

Problem was they didn't outright explain this and show it on-screen because it would've been too expensive to make a new "damaged" model either physically or in CGI at the time. Shows like NuBSG could do it because by then CGI tech had advanced to the point it could be used more easily.

Star Trek: Voyager and The Odyssey are hardly comparable. And even if they have the same premise, one was definitely executed better than the other. Liking The Odyssey doesn't mean I have to like Voyager. The thread is about "what went wrong", and I offered my opinion on the matter.
To be fair, Odysseus spend most of the Odyssey on Circe's Island, not being lost getting home. The getting home part is rather easily accomplished.

The whole "lost ship" thing is a starter plot that's really only good for one or two seasons. After that you need something more gripping for the series' plot.
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