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Re: Is the NX 01 one of the better ships (aesthetically)?

Count me in as also someone who finds the NX-01 to be a very plausible looking ship. It is one of the better things they did in that series.

The real test was up against the USS Defiant in the mirror universe episode. I feared the vessel would look oddly less impressive than the NX-01. But the Constitution class starship is cleaner and minimalist in design, while delivering superior technology in addition to a far more impressive size. That is what technological progress ultimately provides. Less clutter, more efficiency.

In The Next Generation we saw an extension of this idea, but then the movies changed the game up and put widgets all over the hull, turning the NCC-1701E into more like a larger version of the NX-01. I really think they should have adhered to the principles of ship skins defined in the Original Series movies. You see the Aztec paneling but the overall surface is smooth and mostly free of grooves, seams, rivets, and other external distractions.
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