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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Suppose they'd gone back to 2086 instead and found that no physical currency was in use. They'd still need to get some money, wouldn't they?
The sequence of events would have been more difficult for Kirk, but the result would have been the same. Kirk would have first had to (somehow) have established a bank account. Sold the glasses. Instead of receiving cash, the value would have gone into the account. Which the officers would have pulled from.

I seriously doubt that there will be vending machines for newspapers in 2086, but perhaps Kirk and crew would witness someone purchasing a soda from a vending machine with their phone (or some other method). Reminding them that they had no access to their own accounts in the future.

And Picard dialog there is the sole reference to there being no money in the future.
No, Jake Sisko and Nog have at least one extensive conversation about it.
In the scene you're referring to, Nog specifically said Humanity gave up currency. Interestingly, Nog didn't say the Federation as a whole had. Jake at no point said there was no money, only that he didn't need it, which was false.

Now only a few episodes before, Jake personally engaged in a business transaction that resulted in Jake acquiring ... currency (GPL).

Noonien Soong speaks derisively about the past: "People got sick, they needed money."
Given that people in the 23rd/24th centuries still get sick, doesn't it automatically follow that they also still "need money?"

Is he talking about physical currency there?
It is true that people in the past had physical currency.

Yeah, like I said, irretrievably self-contradictory.
Pretty consistent really, there are dozens and dozens of pieces of dialog about buying, selling, owning inside of the Federation. There is only one single line, in one movie, where one character overtly states money doesn't exist.

Kirk: "I'm authorized to pay an equitable price."

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