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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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... with Marcus in black lingere attests to.
Looked like regular blue underwear to me. A bra and panties.
Women's underwear in general is referred to as lingerie.

Lingere on the other hand (in case mos6507 didn't know) means "licking."

Freudian slip much?
I thought it was the fancy stuff. Silk, lace and frills.

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Women not being allowed to be Starfleet captains (I detest Turnabout Intruder). Granted, Roddenberry originally wanted a female XO, but that was turned down by the network execs as too radical.
Nah, they objected to Roddenberry casting his mistress in the part. If he had recast rather than eliminating the character, there would have been a female XO in the show.
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