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It's not like I'm totally against sentimental endings either. I cried twice during my recent DS9 rewatch due to very overtly emotionally manipulative sequences (The Visitor's ending and the O'Brien/Bashir and Jake/Sisko montages!). In New Who though, those big cry scenes almost never feel earned.
The Visitor and The Inner Light do it for me, but usually if I cry at something it'll be because it resonates with something in my own life or background, so it's likely to be apparently quite random (there's a line in Prisoner of Azkaban that took me by surprise and did it, and I've yet to see Casino Royale with a dry eye), or indeed something that's *not* the bit the makers intended the audience to cry at (DW wise, in The End of Time it's the Master saying "get out of the way" and not any of the "oh noes, Ten is going" crap, elsewhere Ma-Ma's death in Dredd, for example, clever though it is)
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