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Re: One Two Eight Ten

It was too sickly sweet sentimental for me. The Snowmen was also far too over-sentimental (And seriously, the Great Intelligence continuity error infuriates me!) but it was a really fun adventure story I've found myself rewatching a lot.

It's not like I'm totally against sentimental endings either. I cried twice during my recent DS9 rewatch due to very overtly emotionally manipulative sequences (The Visitor's ending and the O'Brien/Bashir and Jake/Sisko montages!). In New Who though, those big cry scenes almost never feel earned.

I've never watched a show that tries to make the audience cry as often as New Who does. Off the top of my head, it tries to make the audience cry in 10 of the 13 Series 1 episodes*. I hesitate to even consider the Tennant era frequency.

* Edit: I forgot the Rose/Jackie "Where were you?" scene in Aliens of London so uh, there are CRY NOW moments in every S1 story apart from Rose and The Long Game.
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