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Re: One Two Eight Ten

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Really hope that now RTD and Collinson are gone, Eccleston gives thought to at least agreeing to a cameo for the special. He's New Who's Hartnell, a huge reason the show's still going so strong.
^ Is that Maisie Williams as someone other than Arya Stark in your av? I don't recognise the costume...
No, DalekJim's avatar is Jenna-Louise Coleman from "The Snowmen." I think that's the scene where she's left the alehouse, poshed up, and gone to the gothic pile and is waiting to go inside.
Ah... What can I say, my dad gave me four bottles of Jack Daniels and two of Kraken rum for Xmas...

Looks more like Williams to me in that pic (looks about 12...), and less like Coleman, who is usually stunning with that long hair and all.
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