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Re: One Two Eight Ten

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To be fair to McIntee, I think most people were too drunk during the Christmas specials to remember them vividly .
That's fair.

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I honestly remember almost nothing from the 2011 special. Probably the worst episode of the Moffat era, come to think of it.
I remembered hating it at the time. I picked up the DVD a few months ago (it was being liquidated, so I got it cheap), but even then I waffled on it because I had no good memories of it.

On rewatch, I liked it better than I remembered it being. It's still pretty terrible, though.

It's a unqiue and problematic story for two reasons. First, and oddly for a Doctor Who story, the Doctor isn't the protagonist in the story. That role belongs to Madge. The Doctor is simply the catalyst for the story and the conduit for Madge to be the protagonist. And second, it's a story where the Doctor genuinely makes things worse by his involvement.

There are individually good scenes in it, but the ending is Moffat's second most emotionally manipulative and the episode, as a whole, is less than the sum of its parts.

In retrospect, if Moffat really wanted a Narnia riff, he should have had Jonathan Morris rework (or reworked with Morris) "The Professor, the Queen, and the Bookshop" from DWM for television.
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