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Loki Class destroyer model

This is JTResin's rendition of Jackill's lovely little Excelsior-era popsicle ship. I think it's the prettiest destroyer anyone's ever designed.

I created aztecking decals by altering the downloadable Carlos Zangrando aztec art for the saucer, and made some of my own for the nacelle.

I also made my own name and registry decals - for some reason Franz Joseph's Shaitan has always been a cool-sounding name to me.

Finish is Tamiya pearl white.

In know the megaphaser pylons are supposed to cant inward, but that just looked odd to me. I think it looks more like horns my way (as apropos for a "Loki" named after a devil). I also ditched the "stinger" megaphaser, whose forward nozzle aimed straight into the engine!
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