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Re: 3rd Rock from the Sun - HD remaster

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I am excited!

...Oh wait, no I'm not. 16x9 cropping, what a downer. They're remastering anyway, would it really be the end of the world to have both options available in HD? Why must the "Make it fit my TV!!" people win again and again?

Thank goodness Trek has so far managed to avoid it.
Ignorance. People think they're being cheated if their screen isn't full. Also, they think if the screen is full, it's HD (even when it's not) and when it's "square", it's not HD (even when it is--like on my Blu-rays of classic movies). And the bulk of them don't know which sequence of buttons to push on the remote to make it full. So they complain to stores and online about the "small" picture and "ugly black bars". Since such consumers vastly outnumber those who understand OAR and how to use various functions on the TV beyond on/off, the studios cave in. It's the same reason CinemaScope films are cropped on HBO HD.

We're actually quite lucky OAR was fought for on DVD and DVD/Blu-ray releases have not, for the most part, succumbed to the HBO cropping of CinemaScope. Sadly these TV releases are a step backwards. I won't be getting any of them.
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