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Re: Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. - New episodes 3/25

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I'm getting a kick out of the Twin Peaks homages.
They even got Michael J. Anderson (the original actor) to do the voice of the Little Man From Another Place!

I like it that they actually provided an explanation for why Scooby can talk and other dogs can't. I have a theory:

In the latest episode, Fred was strangely ingenious. He not only figured out what was going on in a matter of seconds, but he also came up with a plan to alert Velma pretty quickly.
Yeah, it was impressive how resourceful Fred could be when he had to.

But if his modified mom was wired, then why didn't his doctored dad know when he had escaped from the movie studio and was on the way?
Maybe once he left the studio, they were out of range of the receiver picking up her signal. Or maybe he sent Evil Fred to the factory because he knew signals would be blocked there. I can't think of any other reason to send him to the Disk's actual hiding place. (I was assuming it was just a painted replica Fred had planted -- I was startled when it turned out to be the real thing.)

What bugs me is that Cartoon Network apparently cut out the teaser. The episode began with the main titles and then we joined the story in progress. It was easy enough to follow, but there was a sense that something was missing, and the Scoobypedia entry lists Mayor Nettles's voice actress in the cast when I don't think we saw/heard her in the portion of the episode we saw.
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