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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Hell, other shows like Farscape did similar things (Crichton being able to stop a massive galactic war between the Peacekeepers and Scarrans and brings both empire to their knees) and no one complains there either.
And he does this in the name of peace, declaring that only peace can save us....shortly after he and his buddies kick ass, once Aeryn gives birth in a fountain while being shot at. I'm afraid this is why I say that Farscape is yet another example of a serial wrecking itself in a desperate attempt to keep things exciting and cool.

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You are misunderstanding the complaint. The problem wasn't that the Voyager crew could make repairs, it is that they could make effortless, perfect, and consequence-free repairs. They had to make repairs, that's a given. Did the repairs have to be shipyard perfect? Couldn't they have had some obvious patches occasionally, with some damage showing over the years?
Yes, the ship should be rusty, with gaping holes. Even the sails should be in tatters!

Sorry, couldn't help it, but this is such a silly objection that it's either laugh at it, or get angry about having my intelligence insulted.

Interstellar travel may be carried out by devices called "ships" in the series, but they are not boats. They are not going to barely stay afloat. In fact, one of the most objectionable things about Voyager was the repeated use of the phrase "dead in the water," which is completely illiterate. A starship is either working and the series continues, or it is busted and everyone dies in interstellar space. The notion that there can be some random patches and the thing still works is absurd.

Everyone's taste may differ. But the notion that the interpersonal relations on a starship are dramatically interesting doesn't suit mine, nor do I understand a taste that says it does. The Odyssey doesn't spend much time on the quarrels within the crew. If Voyager was supposed to be a survivalist epic, why have replicators and transporters and warp drive, none of which imply physical hardships. If Voyager was supposed to be a workplace drama, why have a starship at all? If Voyager was supposed to be some sort of serious drama about military command, it should have been set in a fictional universe with a realistic approximation of a military.

PS My idea of the deus ex machina came from reading some Greek drama. There the deus ex machina referred to a God appearing and pronouncing judgment, as when Athena renames the Furies the Friendly Ones. The notion that it is a phrase for an out of the blue save for a happy ending seems to be some sort of slang use.

In any event, the notion that Sisko somehow earns the intervention of the Prophets is the real issue. How had the Cardassians earned the right to enslave Bajor? How had the Founders earned the right to ferry armies through the Prophet's living room? The notion of "earned" rights does indeed come out of the blue as far as I'm concerned.
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