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Re: Will SG-1 come out on Blu-Ray?

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
There are no plans at the moment. I'm not even sure if it would be practical. The first seven seasons weren't filmed in HD, and for all I know it's possible they could be in a similar situation that 1990s Star Trek shows are in that requires extensive work done just to get them on blu-ray. And the truth is, I'm not sure if there is enough interest in Stargate at the moment to justify spending that kind of time and money.
Harvey wrote: View Post
I think the first three seasons were shot on 16mm rather than 35mm, except for "Entity," in which the crew experimented with HD video. Seasons 4-7 were shot in 35mm, as were the two post-cancellation movies. Seasons 8-10 were shot in HD video.

Now, 16mm can look quite good in HD -- it certainly has more resolution than standard definition video -- but it won't look as good as 35mm footage. And that doesn't cover the show's visual effects, which I presume were not rendered in HD.

Given the waning popularity of the franchise, I'm not sure a Blu-Ray release of the flagship series is in the cards.
The franchise might be waning in popularity, but every time I'm on Facebook at MGM's Facebook page, I keep seeing messages urging MGM to film more Stargate and also an organization that wants to see Stargate come back as a movie or as a TV show; Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate
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