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Re: One Two Eight Ten

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Apparently DWM is only out this early because of a distribution error, and has accidentally scooped a planned BBC announcement.
Accident or no, I've no doubt that Tom Spilsbury's received an earful from Cardiff today.

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The GB news page is, ridiculously enough, bowing to a DWM/BBC request not to report the casting until the official announcement.
GB's efforts to curry favor amuse me because they're so pointless.
The best part is that they posted just to say, "DWM was early, something big is in it but we won't tell you what," guaranteeing that the ten people who didn't already know would go and find out. But since the BBC has evidently decided to rush an official announcement, the news page has updated now: The original "no news here!" post is still up, complete with title typo, for the moment:
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